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Cross-Border Coordination and Support for Adoptive Families and Individuals


Our collaboration with ISS has enhanced our ability to provide comprehensive support to adoptive families and individuals. This support includes helping individuals who are searching for their origins and connections with their birth families. As a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political organization, we are dedicated to serving the humanitarian cause of supporting adoptive families and ensuring the best possible outcomes for adopted individuals.


We provide support in the following areas, which include:


Search for Origin: We help to trace the origin of adopted Nepalese children, especially those adopted by families in other countries. This involves efforts to find birthplaces and establish connections with birth families.


Counseling: Recognizing the sensitivity of adoption cases, we offer counseling services to adopted individuals and their families. This support aims to address the emotional and psychological aspects associated with adoption.


Child Protection and Cross-Border Coordination: We strive to support, protect, reunite, and mediate children, families, and individuals separated as a consequence of cross-border migration with the help of ISS and its members and collaborate with ISS members to establish an international network for effective coordination and communication between countries involving child rights.


Tracing and Referral Services: We facilitate tracing efforts and provide referral services to adopted individuals seeking information about their backgrounds and birth families.


Adoption Rules and Regulations: We provide information and guidance on Nepal's proper adoption rules and regulations, ensuring that the adoption process adheres to legal and ethical standards.


Suspension of Adoptions of Abandoned Children in Nepal:

The suspension is effective as of August 6, 2010, for all new adoption cases involving children from Nepal who have been reported abandoned

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