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Building Classrooms,  Toilets & Enhancing ECD centers

Constructing classrooms, homes, community centres and toilets. 

Our mission has always been to create comfortable and spacious classrooms for students to learn in, and to provide teachers with a sense of pride in their work. We have constructed classrooms in Kavre, Gorkha, Tanahu, and Dang, with a focus on the Dang Deukhuri area, where we have built more classrooms in Gadhawa, Rapti, and Rajpur Municipalities of Dang District.


In addition to constructing new student-friendly classrooms, we have also recently built two brand-new toilet blocks. These new toilet blocks provide better hygiene facilities for both the students and staff of the Higher Secondary School, replacing two old toilet blocks, one for boys and one for girls, that were in poor condition.


Furthermore, we have constructed UNAKO House in the Dang region, which serves as a community center hosting events for our students and the local community and accommodating CP Nepal staff.


In order to enhance the learning experience for children, we are dedicated to improving early childhood development (ECD) in schools by providing ECD teachers with proper training and resources. We understand the importance of having essential resources such as electricity, clean water, and sanitation facilities in schools for better learning outcomes. Additionally, we plan to make the school environment more engaging by adding things like a TV, colorful walls, and soft carpets, which will help create a conducive learning environment for children.

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