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The Eleanor House -Class Room construction

Her International’s volunteer’s team leader Mr. Kevin Edgecombe-the President of Her International-came to Lamahi, Dang with other 13 volunteers to build 4 classrooms in Janata School at Gadawa Rural Municipality. They worked along with the other local contractors and labors. The volunteers’ team consisted of different walks of life. All were very motivated and hardworking. The team worked from 6th November to 15th November 2018.

They participated 10 days for this construction work. They worked from laying bricks to tying the rebar and helped to pour the roof. These 4 rooms are going to use as science labs and for Information and communication technology.

The school has more than 1500 students and we are very hopeful that they will be benefitted from these rooms. They will feel ease for their science practical classes and they will know about computer and internet.

The team also visited different mother’s groups to observe the activities of the microloans. They became happy seeing the impact of the micro loans at mothers’ groups meetings. They surprised that how a small loan is changing the lives of these deprived women.

Following Canadians visited the Dang to build classrooms:

1) Lloyd Vinish

2) Alyson Vinish

3) Charlene Geniel Prosse

4) Hugh Culver

5) Kristen Culver

At the house of President of Gadawa Rural Municipality

6) Kate Culver

7) Claire Culver

8) Lisa Tyerman

9) Nathalie Cuvillier

10) Melanie Durbon

11) Karen Bates

12) Colleen Chapman

13) Jamie Podmorrow

14) Kevin Edgecombe

Hugh Culver came with his whole family. This was his 2nd visit. He came on 2013 with his youngest daughter Claire Hugh. It was the 7th visit of Kevin Edgecombe and it was the 2nd visit of Colleen Chapman.

More than 200 Canadian donated monies where Hugh’s family lead the fundraising on the Name of Hugh’s beloved late mother –Eleanor- to build these classrooms. So that, we dedicated these classrooms for her calling it, “Eleanor House.”

The volunteers really enjoyed working with the locals. There was a language barrier but both parties worked in a friendly way. Among the local workers, Binti Ram became very popular as he used to sing a song and used handshake with all the volunteers. He amused all.

Kevin and Bintiram-the famous local labor

Another interesting part was the Celebration of 21st Birthday of Claire Culver. We celebrated her in 2013 when she was 16. She was so happy that she could celebrate her 2 birthdays in Nepal. And she is going to volunteer her 3 weeks time to Creating Possibilities Nepal’s work at Dang.

The volunteer was invited by the mayor of Gadhawa Rural Municipality. They enjoyed visiting his home and impressed by his simplicity and courtesy.

During this period, the group danced with the local as it was Tihar festival (Festival of lights). They danced with the locals and celebrated the festival. Our staff Man Chaudhary invited them to his house for supper. His family typical Tharu food in leaf plates. All appreciated this and relished with the local wine called Rakshi.

It was a great team of the volunteers and they have an unforgotten experience working here.

Few Facebook Posts from the Volunteers:

From Hugh Culver,

“I’m filled with emotions.

Yesterday we installed the plaque to dedicate the new classrooms as Eleanor House

Yesterday we installed the plaque to dedicate the new classrooms as Eleanor House

It was an incredible moment to be here with Kirsten, Kate and Claire and this incredible team from Canada.

Mom passed away last year and lots of significant dates this year:

heart bursts when I think of my new friends I have made. Thank you Dinesh. You are a very special man who quietly and humbly does the work of such importance, empowering the men, women and children of his beautiful country. You made me feel like I was home. To all of those who work with CP Nepal. You are rock stars- each and every one. Thank you Kevin so so much for allowing me to share a part of this creation of love by you. Through your dedication I was able to have my epiphany that peace and contentment are completely from within and not for one moment attached to anything else.

Mom would have been 100, I had my 60th and my dear brother Dan died on K2 25 years ago.

And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the enduring spirit of Eleanor Rita Wallace Culver than to dedicate a school to her in this wonderful dot on the planet.

Over 200 people have contributed to this project, including our team of 14 who have braved the hard work, occasional “Delhi Belly” and travel to get here.

The team at Her International, especially my friends Kevin Edgecombe and Dinesh Raj Sapkota and the whole team at Unako House have continued to amaze me with their generosity and hard work. The work they are doing here is making a difference.

Today is our last day on the school project. I’m not sure if we’ll completely finish the roof pour, but that’s no longer that important. The local crew are incredible workers (tireless) and it will get done.”

Beautiful memories from our first build in Nepal - 2013 Chainpur school. So powerful we’re back again with a new crew, a new school and the sweet magic with the incredibly generous people here is happening all over again.

I don’t know of a more powerful example of what a few people can do.

From,Jailme Podmorrow

"Day5. Today we painted Unaco House. This home is the centre for women’s groups to create, dream and empower themselves for a future. This future is not just for themselves but for their husbands, parents and children as well. They have access to micro loans and training. They are starting their own businesses. They are farming , raising animals, sewing and making jewelry. Ideas are flowing and the support from the organizations like Her International and Creating Possibilities Nepal are making those ideas a reality. I am once again filled with gratitude to be able to see this and feel the warmth and hope of this beautiful country and these beautiful people.

Gratitude Day-This is the word that has been on my mind and in my heart since I started this journey. I am now laying in bed back in Katmandu listening to all of the street sounds as this hectic city wakes and reflecting on my take aways, my lessons and all those who have changed my soul. First of all, I will never be able to express my gratitude for Colleen.

Aside from being the most kind, loyal and loving friend, she is one of the smartest, intuitive and insightful humans I know. She chose me to experience this because she knew I was searching. She has supported and guided through both the business and the spiritual side of this trip and I cannot express my gratitude. Much love lady. I must thank my always loving and supporting family that pushed me to go when I hesitated and have been my cheerleaders always. My dear friends who give me the “ yes you cans” and bonds of true friendship. ( you know who you are) Of course my friends /bosses Brent and Marni who allowed me to take a whole month off work and supported both the project in Nepal and my choice to go. Thanks to you and the whole Landmark team.

To the Culvers, Hugh,Kirsten,Kate and Claire,Mel, Karen, Nathalie,Lisa, Charlene and Ali and Lloyd. I never thought it was possible to feel like a group of strangers 2 weeks ago would become life long friends but I do. ( steel sister and wingman, there will be lots of G and Ts in our future) finally thank you to all of my friends and family who donated to build the school and for buying bricks. In the sage words of Kevin “when you’ve smelled it and felt it” you see the power of education and the power of empowerment. Namaste.

From Kevin Edgecombe

Day 11

Waking up at 4:00 am

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Gives a person a bit of time to think about the group, the people, the cause.. and all thoughts are great.! Our day started with breakfast, a bit of shopping and a whole lot of Rebar.. we embraced the day with somewhat able backs and ambitious minds.. this group of people are hard working, fun loving Nepal fans.. which makes my job pretty easy !! Today was special in a bunch of ways as today we received the bricks that were missing (go figure) 🙂 but we also received the dedication plaque to Eleanor House !Hugh Culver and family raised a ton of money for this trip and without their kind support we would likely not be here. Today was Eleanor Day in Ghotawa.. 🙂 congrats to the Culver’s for a job well done!

Today is also the day we placed a plaque for “Ardith” Linda’s Mom who passed away a few years ago.. she was a beautiful woman with “Betty Davis Eyes” and her entire family misses her very much.. RIP Ardith Deckert.. worked till dark with these awesome Nepalese men and woman !!!

We are “ at one” with REBAR...


And a special thanks to Binti Ram for the Nepalese Topi Hats !!

From Her International, Canada:

These classrooms are a joint venture with co-investment from the local government, we are hiring local workers to build 4 new classrooms. The building has been going up for the past few months and now with Her International volunteers from Canada to provide extra hands and support to help the Nepali experts, we see the classrooms are almost done. The Canadian volunteers are working side by side, learning from their Nepali counterparts and sharing a cross-cultural, educational exchange in a way that can only happen face to face.

The classrooms will be marked with a dedicatory plaque, after Hugh's mother Eleanor who recently passed. Eleanor was woman with determination, perseverance and strength. All these characteristics we wish upon the students that study here in their pursuit of education and independence.

Her International ( is our Canadian Partner which has been helping to educate ex-bonded and deprived girls for education and empowerment through various projects.

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