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A better Class Room for Play Group

ECD Class Room at Ghyan Jyoti School, Dang

Creating Possibilities Nepal has been supporting student education and enhancing the quality of education in public schools through provision of ECD teacher scholarship, teachers’ training, and additional classes for the students from this year. ‘Society, school and student; all three aspects must be integrated together for quality education. This is the main theme which Creating Possibilities Nepal strives to work on.

In terms of enhancing quality education, ISVG (Integrated Support to Vulnerable Group), a Dutch foundation that started in 2018 and is funded by Reach out 2, is one element that has contributed immensely. Schooling support, Health post upgrading, Health Checkup, Bicycle Allocation, Mother Group formation are the main activities of this project. Among them ECD class room setup (for the kids) is a major one. After some months continuous hard work we have been able to handover ECD classroom to Janajyoti school in 26 November, 2018 on occasion of the school’s 56th Anniversary. On that occasion Mr. Metmani Chaudhary a parliamentarian from province no. 5, Mr. Surya Raj Ghimire from education department, Dang, and Mr. Durga Prasad Sharma a ward president of Rajpur Rural Municipality observed, applauded and appreciated Creating Possibilities. “I’m very well known about CP Nepal and its incredible works. Today, I’m very happy to inaugurate such a beautiful classroom for our beautiful kids”- said Metmani Chaudhary after inaugurating ECD classroom in

front of up to 1000 participants. “We had a problem of neat, clean and proper managed class room for the kids. But now they can learn, play, sing and dance in Montessori way”- he added. “You are doing such an incredible work. I hope you will continue to do such works and I also promise to support your every steps”- Mr. Surya Raj Ghimire from Education sector of Dang.

Other stakeholder and parents who attended were very happy that their children were going to learn in scientific way by sitting in warm and clean places. They were very thankful to Creating Possibilities Nepal and Reach Out 2. Furthermore, at Janata Secondary, Gadhawa, ECD classroom setup program has almost finished their work. We will hand over the finished classrooms by organizing inauguration program very soon. All together 120 students are going to have such well- managed classes.

Through these projects the schools have taken on an approach close to Montessori schooling, which enables the students to enjoy many new materials and resources from their teachers and classrooms. These learning benefits are expected to encourage parents to send their children to school, and as a result help create more regular number of students attending their classes daily. The results of establishing new learning spaces are intended to help the livelihood of not only students and their parents, but all teachers and educational leaders as well. It is believed that because of these changes the number of students will have increased substantially in schools by next year.

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