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Health Camps in Vulnerable Communities

We are initiating different programs and activities for the advancement of deprived communities. Recently, we organized one-day free child health camp from the generous support of Reach Out 2, the Netherlands. On our request, five doctors- Dr. Krishnahari Subedi- a senior pediatrician and Dr. Jit Narayan Yadav Senior Physician from Rapti Sub- Regional Hospital, General Physicians Dr. Shanta Bahadur Rokaya Magar and Dr. Saroj Darnal from Lamahi Hospital and General Physician Dr. Bharat Pokhrel from Gadawa Hospital examined the total 663 children. These doctors were accompanied by Seniors Health Assistants and Nurses who helped these doctors on examination.

The paramedical gave the medications to children as prescribed by the doctors. Most of the children got the medication for deworming (albendazole 400 mg or mebendazole 500 mg), Common Cold & Fever, Tonsil Infection, Ear Infection, Bronchiolitis, Stomach Flu (Viral Gastroenteritis).

There were other complaints too like abdominal pain, joint pain, body pain, epilepsy, neurocysticercosis (cysts in the brain), Cellulitis, Amebiasis, epistaxis bleeding from the nose, nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), Lacrimal duct Fraction, Cerebral Palsy, Alopecia or spot baldness etc.

All these doctors were from very friendly and welcoming. They gave full time for the examination. The children, who were examined and had to visit again for further examination, were counseled properly all the steps for additional treatment. Among 663, 63 were asked for an additional test and follow up at the hospitals. The doctors properly counseled the guardians on special ceases like Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, neurocysticercosis etc.

The doctors and paramedical advised the guardians to visit regular local health post for health checkup so that many complaints/disease can cure on time which saves the money and time. Normally, nobody visits for a regular checkup at the health posts. Doctors also advised about nutritious food and asked the guardians to avoid the junk food or ready-made food from the markets. Not only that, the pediatrician Dr. Krishnahari Subedi aware the children about the healthy and unhealthy touch. He told to the girls that if someone wants to touch your body, complain immediately to the guardians or teachers.

This camp was organized targeting the underprivileged children whose parents cannot afford the medication and to find out the general tendency of health complaints among the children. This health camp will be followed every year up to 2021 so that we can suggest health-related offices, to the doctors and to the policymakers about the prevalence of the child health complaints.

Mr. Sahaj Ram Yadav- the president of the Gadawa Rural Municipality and Mr. Ramsurat Yadav, principal of Janata Higher Secondary School, together inaugurated the camp. They were very happy and thanked to us for helping these needy children. The guardians were really thankful that they got the service on their doorstep and it was free.

We are hopeful that this camp will be an instrumental intervention on the health issues of these children and this will be helpful for a better tomorrow. This program has a potentiality to impact the lives of these children.

Reach Out 2 supports deprived Nepali children for education, lifeskills and for health.

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.

:A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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