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Bicycle Allocation and Art Workshop 2019

A great moment A great event

we allocated 70 bicycles. Among 70, 59 were given to students and 11 were given to women. The students and their guardians were very happy. Since 5 years we are allocating bicycles to the deprived students who has to walk on foot more than half an hour to the school and who are promising. These bicycles are going to motivate them for further study and helps to help their family on the household works and is going save their time for the study.

The mothers/women who are doing successful business also got the bicycles. The bicycles would help to increase their business and their mobility.

The bicycle allocation event was followed by the art work shop guided by senior artist, the founder and ex-chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts ( NAFA). Nineteen enthusiastic students who were interested in art, participated at the event. These students were never exposed with canvas and the painting colors. They were very excited. Kiran dai taught them about color mixing and painting techniques at canvas. The invited guests and the journalist were astonished and pleased meeting with the senior artist Kiran Manandhar. The participants and the journalists were pleased with the simplicity of the Kiran dai.

We are very grateful to Her International to initiate and to support this bicycle allocation program every year. At the same time, we are appreciative to Reach Out 2, Terre Des Homme and Karuna Foundation for their funding and guidance of this event.

Her International : 14 Students & Mothers: 5

ISVG: 30 Students

Reach Out 2: 6 mothers

WFCL: 15 Students

Happy Maghi !!

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