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Breaking Taboos and Empowering Women: Saalt's Impact in Nepal


In many parts of the world, menstruation remains a topic steeped in silence and shame. However, Saalt, a menstrual cup company, actively challenges these taboos and empowers women. Beyond producing eco-friendly and sustainable menstrual products, Saalt is committed to educating and supporting women in need. This article explores the importance of open conversations about menstruation and the significant impact of Saalt's donations of menstrual cups, funding for girls' education, and period underwear to underprivileged countries, such as Nepal.

Upon entering the Saalt office in Boise, Idaho, I was warmly greeted by Cherie Hoeger, the CEO and Co-Founder, and her husband, Jonathan Hoeger, the President and Co-Founder, along with the rest of the staff. Their hospitality and genuine care for me were evident from the very beginning. During our conversation, we discussed the challenges and opportunities surrounding menstrual hygiene in Nepal and their plans for supporting underprivileged girls and women. Their dedication and commitment to making a difference left a lasting impression on me.

The Impact of Saalt's Donations:

Saalt's donations have profoundly impacted those in need, particularly in impoverished areas.

Witnessing the effect of their donations firsthand, it is clear that Saalt is not only breaking the taboo surrounding periods but also creating awareness and providing sustainable solutions. Saalt empowers women in Nepal to manage their periods with dignity and convenience by offering thousands of menstrual cups free of cost.

Empowering Differently-Abled Girls and Educating Young Minds:

Saalt's support extends beyond providing menstrual cups. Through partnerships with organizations like Her International and our charity Creating Possibilities Nepal, Saalt is funding girls' education and donating period underwear. This comprehensive approach ensures that girls, including those with disabilities, can attend school without interruption, even during their periods. Saalt's initiatives address the practical needs of these girls while promoting their overall well-being and creating opportunities for a brighter future.

A Heartwarming Experience:

During my visit, Cherie and Jonathan kindly welcomed me into their home for a delightful dinner. Their children's warmth and love made me feel like I was among long-lost friends. Their children showed me their talents and were friendly and welcoming, making me feel at home. Saying goodbye was tearful and emotional, as the personal connection and hospitality demonstrated the genuine care and commitment Saalt has for making a difference in the lives of others.

Saalt's Donation of 200-Period Underwear to Nepal: An Act of Kindness with a Far-Reaching Impact:

I am honored to express my gratitude for the immense impact that Saalt has had on communities in need. When Saalt donated 200-period underwear to Nepal, I was privileged and grateful. These essential items will be given to differently-abled girls and women and schoolgirls who cannot afford to buy pads. Saalt's generosity and partnership have expanded the areas of impact, touching the lives of countless individuals. Saalt's partnership with the communities in Nepal is a testament to the company's commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. This act of kindness has expanded the areas of impact and has given hope to many struggling individuals.

Saalt Menstrual Cup Donation in Nepal


Saalt's unwavering dedication to breaking the silence surrounding menstruation and supporting needy women is commendable. Their donations of menstrual cups, funding for girls' education, and period underwear are essential in ensuring easy access to monthly periods. By openly discussing periods, Saalt is creating a global movement that empowers women and enables them to live without shame or limitations. Together, we can break down taboos, empower women, and ensure every woman has easy access to the resources she needs. Saalt's impact in Nepal is an inspiring example of how a company can make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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