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Free Medical Health Checkup Camp

Updated: May 25, 2021

Creating Possibilities Nepal (CP Nepal) has organized a free child medical health checkup camp in Gadhawa Rural Municipality. A total of 587 children from different wards of Gadhawa had undergone health check-ups at the camp.

Mrs. Sunita Chaudhary, a resident of Gadhawa-5, Dharmapur, came to the child health camp after her two-year-old son Sonam Chaudhary had been suffering from fever for four days. She knew about the child health camp at the mothers' group meeting. Like Sunita, Gita Pun Magar, a resident of Gadhawa-7, Lakshanpur, also brought her three sons. Eleven, nine, and seven-year-olds Madan, Subas, and Sandeep had the same problem of neck swelling. After taking the medicine, it seems to have recovered a bit, but later the same problem recurred.

Miss Sabina Chaudhary of 14 years old of Ghorahaki, Gadhawa-7, said that she came to the health camp due to headache and stomach ache. "I have been coming on this health camp for three consecutive years. I am happy. The doctor has said that she will recover after taking this medicine. ” She said.

Participating in the child health camp, Dr. Regan Singh Thapa told that many children came with complaints of abdomen pain, headache, fever, and skin diseases such as curvy. He added that such problems were seen due to not paying attention to personal hygiene. Similarly, Dr. Bharat Pokhrel said that he has been associated with the child health camp since the first year and the number of children suffering from infectious diseases has decreased this year as compared to the first year. He said that the number may have decreased due to COVID-19 awareness as children now wash their hands.

The doctors also advised the parents of the children who came to the camp for check-ups to pay more attention to food and hygiene rather than medicine.

C P Nepal has been running free child health camps for the past three years with the financial support of Reach Out 2, Netherlands through the ISVG ( Integrated Support to Vulnerable Groups) program. This medical check up event is one activity from ISVG . Through ISVG program, we are supporting children and their families for education, health and better economy.

This ecamp was conducted for the children deprived of health services due to poverty and economic crisis. A total of 587 children have received free services from the camp this year and they will be assisted in counseling and treatment for the complex issues and referrals.

The camp was inaugurated in the presence of Gadhawa Village Chairman Sahajaram Yadav, Vice Chairman Shanti Chaudhary, and Chief Administrative Officer Lal Bahadur Yogi, and Health Branch Chief Kailash Chaudhary. There were 5 doctors, 11 health workers from health posts, and 35 volunteers.

Blood Donation Program

On the same occasion, a blood donation program has been organized. The blood donation program was organized by Ashaka Kiran, with the technical assistance of Lamahi Blood Transfusion Center Dang and with the help of Creating Possibilities Nepal (CP Nepal). A total of 31 people including 11 women and 20 men donated blood in the blood donation program.

As there is no regular blood donation due to the Corona (Covid-19) virus, there is a shortage of blood for those in need.


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