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International Day of the Girls with the slogan "Now it's our turn- Our Rights, Our Future."

International Day of the Girl was celebrated at Gadhawa, Dang in Unako House of the Creating Possibilities Nepal.

The 11th International Day of the Girls' slogan was "Now it's our turn: Our rights, our future." On the occasion, a speech competition on Gender Equality: Our Rights, Our Future was organized. In the competition, Miss Pavitra Chaudhary won the first place, Miss Varsha Chaudhary won the second place, Ashkumari Chaudhary the third place and Uma Chaudhary won the consolation place.

Forty-five students participated in this program. Speaking at the event, Miss Pavitra Chaudhary said that to end violence and discrimination against girls, change should be brought from within the family. Similarly, Miss Barsha Choudhary noted that although women and men are two wheels of the same chariot, there is still unequal treatment in society and said that everyone's role is essential to end it.

The girls came to the program excitedly though they and their families were severely affected by the flood.

Miss Kumari Chaudhary ( one of the participants) shared that such a porgram gives them the courage to speak in front of people and teacheing the skills of public speaking.

The program was chaired by student Neha Chaudhary and was moderated by Ayuwa Chaudhary. The United Nations has celebrated this day since 2012 for girls' educational and social development. This day is celebrated on the 11th of October by organizing various programs worldwide.

By: Dinesh Raj Sapkota & Hem Raj Atit


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