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Orientation Program for Health Volunteers on Sickle Cell Anemia

Dang - On Saturday, 31st December 2022, a sickle cell anemia orientation program for Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) of Rapti Rural Municipality was held in the Hall of Rapti Rural Municipality. In collaboration with Rapti Rural Municipality, Creating Possibilities Nepal ( CP Nepal) organized the program.

The program was held under the chairmanship of Rapti Rural Municipality Health Coordinator Mr. Narayan Rawat. Mrs. Kamalapati Devi Chaudhary, the Chief Guest at the program, stressed that all stakeholders must work together to identify and reduce sickle cell anemia.

In the program, the director of CP Nepal, Dinesh Raj Sapkota, suggested that everyone in the Tharu community should get checked for sickle cell anemia. The chairman and health coordinator, Rawat, noted that sickle cell anemia additional tests have been very difficult for patients. He said that an initiative is being taken with the state government for an electrophoresis machine in Deukhuri. He also said that Creating Possibilities Nepal's efforts in the sickle cell field are commendable.

In that program, information was given on the introduction, symptoms, tests, treatment, and other topics of sickle cell anemia to FCHVs. They were instructed on these topics by Dr. Ramesh Kandel, physician and medical director of Rapti Academy of Health Sciences. The participants in the program asked various questions related to sickle cell anemia. Using a Powerpoint presentation and charts, Dr. Kandel answered all of their questions in simple and understandable Nepali language, clearing up any doubts they

had about this genetic disease. Dr. Kandel also emphasized blood tests, public awareness, and counseling for those with diseases as well as paying attention to people planning to get married.

This program was attended by 56 Female Community Health Volunteers. The FCHVs were very satisfied with the information provided as it cleared up their misunderstandings and confusion and answered their questions about sickle cell. They expressed their gratitude to us and Dr. Kandel for providing this opportunity. Their response was to spread this message immediately to the Tharu community, motivating them and encouraging them to take blood tests.

As part of their Nepal Sickle Cell Disease Project, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of British Columbia of Canada assists us in screening people with sickle cell disease and public awareness campaigns in Deukhuri's Rapti, Garhwa and Rajpur. Four to eight 1st year medical students visit Dang from UBC and work with us on this project each year. As part of the project, we have worked to support health posts in buying blood screening items so that Tharu people can do blood testing locally

Creating Possibilities Nepal student coordinator Deepa Chaudhary facilitated this one-day orientation program.


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