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Unako Saving and Credit Cooperative 

Annual General Meeting

With the support of Her International, the Unako Co-op was established on March 27th, 2014.  The founding members were 27 women (among them 25 were ex-bonded) from 5 different Mothers Groups. 


The Co-op was launched as a solution for women wanting a loan that did not have collateral to go to a traditional bank.  It also introduced the concept of saving and earning interest.


The Co-op start-up was financed with money from the founding members - no seed money was provided.  The members raised 54,000NPR ($500USD) to launch the initiative.  There are 859 members. 


As of April 2019:

Total Amount:        13,973,908.90 NPR

Total Loan:              13,507,000.00 NPR

Balance in Bank:         466,908.90 NPR

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