To empower vulnerable girls, youth and women through education and income creation ending the cycle of poverty in their communities. 


Commitment: We are dedicated to hard work and set high goals to achieve our mission.  

Participation: we welcome ideas and strategies for growth from our global donors whilst understanding that often the best solutions will come directly from our beneficiaries. As such we employ a collective decision-making process.  


Empowerment: we believe in in a ‘Hand-Up’, not a ‘Hand-Out’ approach.  All our programs are designed to teach, train and empower independence and self-sufficiency.  


Innovation: we aspire to promote change using creative measures and a grassroots approach.  We view failure as an opportunity to learn and improve. 

Transparency: we believe in honesty and integrity.  We commit to using all donations efficiently, achieving and measuring our results and being accountable to our supporters and recipients.  

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