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MAKING A FUTURE...Building a House

Bhuji Ram with his Daughter in a New House

A push on the right lever can make a huge difference but it is often difficult to know where that lever is. Above all, it is clear that no single lever will solve every problem. From Poor Economics ( Abhijit & Esther)

“Do You like the house?”, I asked Bhujiram

He just laughed. Yes, I am very excited …” I never thought that I would have a house… and my daughters and son are very happy…”

Miss Rampati and Miss Bhagmati (the daughters of Bhujiram) came out from the new house… they were happy and did Namaste to me. Miss Bhagmati caught my hand and took me inside. She showed me the new bed and the table. She was jumping one place to another with jolly face.

The family stayed many years in a ramshackle house… just one room house which used to be wet in monsoon by flood and heavy rain. They used to sleep with father in a small bed.

They possess very little.

The 1st son dropout almost five years ago after the death of the mother by the blood cancer. The second son was also drop out… Hopefully, he will continue his schooling from the new year 2018.

Other 2 daughter supported for schooling by Her International, Canada.

The house was built with the participation of amazing, impressive, understanding and well- experienced volunteers who were sent by Developing World Connections, Canada and there was equal participation of the local and member the of mothers group. The house construction was started from October 23rd and handover to the family on 16th December.

For the family, It is a PHENOMENAL gift... a PROPER PROTECTION...a dream came to true... and many more...!!!!!

Many Many thanks to Ray Fowell, Carol Spomer, Natasha Dresler, Linda Lamarche, Lisa Ray, Elaine Murray, Lynda Carlson, Mark Murray, Donnett Brown, Jess Wittenberg

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