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Food Relief: 2nd Wave of COVID

Food Aid Report

Right now, Covid-19 is spreading all over the country. Many people are dying in the 2nd wave of the pandemic, worried about their life and work, no job, no business, and no income resources.

So, Developing World Connection (DWC) has helped with the food relief during this situation. It helped the needy family members of the Gadhawa Rural Municipality.

At the 1st lot, sixty families (around 300 family members) were benefited from the food relief program. They were given 30 kg rice, 1-liter oil, 1 kg salt, 1 kg lentil, one bedsheet and one mosquito net per family.

They were delighted, and they thanked the donor for their kind support. These were the most desperate families who lost the daily labor jobs due to the lockdown. It is like a blessing for them.

Mrs. Eti Kumal of Gadhawa-1 Malmala came to the ward office to plead for relief. She is a single widow. Her sons stopped caring for her, and she could not get a job due to the lockdown. Her neighbors said that There was nothing at her home. She said, "I am pleased to have rice and other items."

Similarly, Khim Bahadur Bik of Malmala has a family of six. In such a situation, it has become challenging for them to run a family. He lost his job in the crusher industry due to lockdown. The crusher industry is a labor-intensive job where they crush rocks into the gravel, but because of COVID, there is no requirement for this product. The family forages for food in the woods a

nd relies on family and friends to provide meager amounts of food they can spare. His anxiety about food has been relieved; after getting the relief. " Said B.K. He feels the food provided will last for about a month if they are careful, so they are greatly appreciative of the food; however, they are very much dependent on the ending of the Virus and return to a time when he can work and support his family again.

Similarly, Mangala Debi Nepali, a

resident of Gadhawa-1 Patteringa, was also happy. After walking for about an hour, she came to the ward office for relief. He said that after having a family of three members, it became burdensome for him to make a living.

"If we do farming, there is no land. A life lived on daily labor work. I am delighted with rice, lentils, oil, salt, mosquito net, and bedsheet." he said.

We have targeted to support more than 2000 vulnerable families and isolation centers. The support will help different people of Kathmandu, Dhading, and Dang. We are getting funding from our Donors; Developing World Connections, Her International, Reach Out2, and other kind-hearted individuals.

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