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Football Tournament & Bicycle Allocation to the Deprived Groups

We are very grateful and thankful especially to Stichting Maha Mata Nederland for this wonderful and amazing football competition support. The women players who were from the different mother's groups happily participated in this football competition.

With the leading slogan, ‘How many years will you do house chores? Come out and play more’ being repeatedly sung, these women enjoyed, played and competed with each other. They showed true spirit; played like it was something they had been waiting for. A total of 104 women from 8 teams participated in this game. The participants were from Gadhawa Rural Municipality - गढवा गाउँपालिका, Dang.

The women players come from backgrounds of enslavement ( Kamlari-bonded slavery) and labor work. Most of them didn’t even leave their house that often to be able to engage in anything else. None of them had ever worn anything less than a pair of kurtha-suruwal, let alone half pants and t-shirts. They had always been occupied with their children and their house chores. Most of them had not even set foot on playgrounds. This event allowed them to go beyond their limits and allowed them to experience fresher activities.

At the same time, 84 bicycles were allocated to needy students. These fortunate students, who got the bicycles had to walk more than half an hour to school on foot, were from different schools and were selected from local government and mothers’ groups. The 27 mothers who got bicycles were nominated from mothers groups. These women have gifted bicycles because they were socially active and were change-makers who broke the cycle of poverty by engaging in different small-scale businesses and being an entrepreneur.

All these events were not successful if there was no continuous support, dedication, and love from Her International, Canada from 2008.

Many Many thanks to our honorable donor Reach Out 2, The Really Healthy Company and Humani'Trail for your support to these underprivileged communities. All these events were not possible without your contribution.

We are celebrating the Maghi Festival ( New Year of Tharu People) from 2012 to motivate underprivileged communities-Tharu and other deprived people of Deukhuri Dang- through different recreational and sports activities. Which was started with the Kind Support of Her International These Tharu people have once bonded salves so most of the girls used to work at rich people’s houses or landlord houses in a meager wage. While working there they have to go from painful plight from physical to sexual abuse. Most of the cases the whole family used to be bonded salve.

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