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Thank You to our Amazing Donors and Partners!  

Our Donors...

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HCC raises funds to provide education and living facilities for at-risk youth.  HCC helped to establish CP Nepal in 2006. 


HI mission is to raise awareness of and access to education for (primarily) marginalized females, by funding education programs in Nepal and Canada

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By using knowledge and skills, Reach Out aims to create progress for and with communities in Developing Countries.

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The ABC Foundation believes that a better world starts with youth. Therefore, ABC connects young people around the world with each other and with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN - to transform the world.

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The Really Healthy Company Ltd. is a London-based natural health company specializing in the introduction of leading-edge and research-based nutritional supplements into the UK and Europe.

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Since 2015, medical students from the University of B.C. in Canada have been screening for and educating people in Dang Region about Sickle Cell Disease.  The training is also geared to local health care workers. 

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The Humani'Trail des Diablerets is a real meeting between the Alps and the Himalayas: Besides three 100% Trail courses, registration fees are used to finance a dozen charitable projects in Nepal.


DWC matches volunteers with partners in developing countries to work on sustainable projects that make a lasting difference. Connect with them to learn more about volunteering in Nepal.  

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Creating Possibilities Nepal is always excited to work with new partners on new initiatives.  If you have an idea for a program or would like to support our current programs please connect with us! 

Our Partners...

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Karuna Foundation is a Nepali NGO established in 2015. It aims to prevent avoidable disabilities among children and improve the quality of lives of children and adults with disabilities 

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ISS is an international NGO founded in 1924.  ISS undertakes training projects and advocacy work in an effort to better respect children's rights.  ISS supports and helps 75,000 families each year. 

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Creating Possibilities Nepal is always looking for new Partnerships that can help us evolve our programs and enhance our learning.  If you would be interested in partnering with us please send us a message

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