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Our Programs - Making Differences Every Day

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has"  Margaret Mead.

Himalayan Children Charities Student Picture

Higher Education for At-Risk Youth

Education, Life skills & Career Development  

This unique program funded by Himalayan Children's Charities creates paths out of poverty for orphaned and abandoned Nepali children. 

By providing quality education, innovative mentorship and a loving family environment; this program empowers at-risk children to live lives of dignity, self-sufficiency and community leadership despite the economic status they were born into. 


Empowerment Through Education (ETE)

Schooling and  Support for Marginalized Girls

Her International created the ETE program in 2007.  Scholarships were presented to 50 girls rescued from The Kamalari System (domestic slavery) which was prevalent within the Tharu community, one of Nepal’s most marginalized indigenous groups.


Uneducated parents sold their daughters to affluent families with the misguided understanding that a better life would be available to them in a wealthier household.  Instead, the girls were exploited, abused and forced to work 15+ hours daily and denied the opportunity for an education.  

Empowerment Through Education Girls Picture
Mother Group Picture

The Mother's Groups

Empowered Women Through Micro Finance LIfeskills and  Training 

The Mothers Groups were born from the Her International ETE program as a means of ensuring the stability of the girls' education.  Over the years the program has grown from 50 to over 1200 women and transitioned into a self-funded micro-credit program.  Since inception in 2009, there has not been a single loan default!


Here are a few of the ways loans from the micro-credit program have been used:

  • 445 women have started a small business

  • 120 women have purchased land

  • 210 homes have been built

ISVG Student Picture

Integrated Support to Vulnerable Groups ( ISVG) 

Development for Marginalized Population

ISVG is an ambitious project aimed at supporting impoverished people living in Gadhawa and Rajpur.


This targeted group is very vulnerable due to the existence of bonded labour (slave labour), high rates of illiteracy and extreme levels of poverty.  

This Project; funded by Reach Out 2 aims to address these inequities through early childhood education, school scholarships, regular Health Camps and more.

Building Stronger Communities

Constructing classrooms, homes, community centers, and toilets. 

In 2012,  Her International began a Classrooms for a Cause project which has evolved to include constructing homes, toilets and a community centre.   This project is also supported by Developing World Connections (DWC).  

Volunteers from around the world have worked alongside local labourers at each of these construction sites.  Both the volunteers and the locals benefit from the cultural experience of working side-by-side on these valuable projects.  Life long memories are created by all.    

Classroom with help of HI and DWC
Sickle Cell Volunteer Speaking Picture

Sickle Cell Awareness Project

Empowerment Through Health Education

Every year since 2015 a group of Medical students from The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada have traveled to Dang Region to conduct a Sickle-Cell Disease (SCD) awareness campaign and blood screening program.  


To date over 3800 people have been screened for this disease that is very highly prevalent in this impoverished region in Nepal. 


Adolescent Health Program

"Change the time and behavior, let's talk about  reproductive Health freely"

Adolescent girls in rural Nepal are more vulnerable to gender inequality, child marriage, domestic violence, unwanted pregnancies, and non-consensual sex. We work closely with the Tharu community, who have a long history of marginalization and bonded labor, which has disproportionately impacted youth and women. Youth, especially young girls, in these communities face barriers surrounding sexual and reproductive health education and access to adolescent health services. We must support them in better understanding their rights to optimize their health and realize their potential.


Adolescent Session to girls

Support for Adoptive Families & Individuals and Cross Border Coordination 

Our other primary focus is on humanitarian causes, specifically adoption-related services. We actively support adoption-related services, especially for Nepalese children whose families are in foreign countries such as Switzerland, the UK, Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Spain, and others. CP Nepal is a member of the International Social Service (ISS-SSI) and collaborates with various ISS members globally to enhance their reach and impact.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together  Vincent Van Gogh

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