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Toilets for Better Sanitation

Today, we welcomed Developing World Connections's Volunteers here at the Unako house in the office of Creating Possibilities Nepal. There are 10 volunteers. Among them, 3 from Canada and rest from the USA.

The volunteers are going to build 4 latrines for four families. All these four families are very poor and were living in difficult conditions not having the toilets.

In 2011, the government initiated an Open Defecation Free program, but many people, especially in the Tarai districts, are still relieving themselves outdoors due to a lack of the financial means to build their own toilet.

There is no question on the importance of the toilets. It saves the lives of the children who would otherwise fall victim to water-borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, and cholera. In the end, it minimizes the child mortality rate.

"Among women, toilets figure in the top three needs for their own security and health. More than 4 in 10 people don't have a decent toilet in Nepal. Over 700 children under 5 die from diarrhea" - Water Aid Nepal

It's very difficult for the girls and mothers because, without a nearby toilet, they need to go very far from home and hide from people. During the rainy season, snakes are a danger, and there is the risk of sexual assault.

These latrines are being built in Dang in the Gadhawa Rural Municipality for a widow and three other of the poorest families of the area. All four families were recommended by the local ward office as they do not have the financial capacity to build a toilet on their own. For the project, there is also the active involvement of the families.

We are very grateful or your hard work, sacrifice, and support: 1. David Gibson 2. Debra Alison Powell

3. Grace Van Valkenburg 4. Michael Van Valkenburg 5. Hal Rhoads 6. Kevin Riehl 7. Mark Kijowski 8. Martin France 9. Deborah Fisher 10. Suzanne Redmond

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