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Empowering Girls: She Create Program Holds Self-Defense Training

Group Picture of the Participants

In a proactive move to address the concerning rise in incidents of violence against girls, Creating Possibilities Nepal (CP Nepal) recently organized a pivotal two-day self-defense training as part of its She Create Training Sessions. This initiative aims to equip young girls with life skills, entrepreneurship training, and mentorship, nurturing their empowerment through both theoretical learning and practical application.


Held in Gadhwa, the self-defense training targeted 100 teenage girls from Gadhwa Rural Municipality wards 5, 6, and 7. Split into two phases, the program provided intensive training sessions for 50 girls each at Shubhtara English Boarding School and Saraswati Secondary School in Gobardia. The primary objective was to impart essential self-defense skills, empowering these young girls to protect themselves against potential threats.

Kiran Paudel and Basanti Chaudhary, esteemed trainers from Gadhwa Taekwondo, led the sessions. Paudel highlighted the unique nature of the two-day training, emphasizing its holistic approach encompassing both mental preparedness and physical techniques. The program was meticulously designed to bolster the girls' self-confidence and readiness to respond effectively in emergencies.

Hemraj Sharma, the student coordinator for Creating Possibilities Nepal Garhwa, shed light on the program's beneficiaries, comprising girls from Gadhwa Rural Municipality Ward No. 2, 3, and 4. The financial backing for this impactful initiative came from Her International, Canada, while the Gadhwa Taekwondo Team played an instrumental role in facilitating the sessions. The training culminated successfully, marked by enthusiastic and active participation from all the girls involved.

The She Create Program's dedication to empowering young girls through multifaceted training reflects CP Nepal's commitment to fostering a safer environment and empowering the next generation of women leaders. Through initiatives like these, CP Nepal endeavors to create a society where girls are equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate challenges and pursue their aspirations fearlessly.

We are grateful for the support of Her International, Canada, and the Gadhwa Taekwondo Team in making this program a success. We are also proud of the girls who participated in the training and we know that they will be able to use the skills they learned to protect themselves and others.

About Creating Possibilities Nepal

Creating Possibilities Nepal (CP Nepal) is a non-profit organization that works to empower children, youth, and women in Nepal. We provide a variety of programs and services, including education, vocational training, and healthcare. We believe that all people deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, and we are committed to making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

About Her International ( HI)

Her International is a non-profit organization that supports women and girls of Canada and Nepal. Her works to provide them with the education, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed. HI believes that women and girls have the power to change the world, and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals.

About Gadhwa Taekwondo Team

The Gadhwa Taekwondo Team is a group of dedicated athletes and coaches who are passionate about the sport of taekwondo. They are committed to promoting taekwondo in their community and providing quality training to people of all ages.

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