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Free Children's Health Camp

Ceating Poss ibilities Nepa (CP Nepal) organized a free health check-up for children in Gadhwa-6, Gadhwa.

"It was learned at the meeting of the mothers' groups that a child health camp was being conducted. Mina Kumari Chaudhary, a resident of Rapti-6, Mazheria, ca

me to the child health camp with her 6-year-old daughter Isa Chaudhary. The daughter has been suffering from stomach aches for the past few days.

"I have heard that good doctors have come. The doctor has prescribed medicine, and she would recover. ” She said. Like Mina, Samjhana Chaudhary, a resident of Gadhwa-5, Dharmapur, had brought her 2-month-old son. "It's been two months. She cries a lot and feels like diarrhea. The doctor has given free medicine. I am pleased. ” Samjhana said. She said that the camp was very fruitful for her as they could not go for treatment due to financial problems.

Miss Anju Chaudhary, a 14-year-old resident of Rajpur-2, said that she had come for a check-up as she was feeling dizzy. "I feel dizzy from time to time. That's why they came to check. The doctor said it was due to low blood pressure and gave him free medicine. ” She said. Participating in the child health camp, Dr. Bharat Pokhrel said that he had been associated with the child health camp since the first year, and this year, there have been many patients suffering from skin diseases such as rashes, itching, and malnutrition too.

According to Dr. Regam Singh Thapa, the parents of the children who came for the check-up were advised to pay more attention to food and hygiene to reduce skin and other diseases. Chief of the Gadhwa Ruraral Municipality Health Branch, Kailash Chandra Chaudhary, said that the camp was very fruitful for the children

of impoverished families who were far from access to health services from specialist doctors.

CP Nepal has been conducting free child health camps for the past four years with the financial support of Rach Out 2 of the Netherlands. Dinesh Raj Sapkota, director of CP Nepal, said that the camp was conducted for the children depri

ved of health care due to poverty and economic crisis. Director Sapkota informed that 430 children from Gadhwa, Rapti and Rajpur villages had received free services from the camp this year, and 25 complex diseases, including sickle cell, have been diagnosed and they will be assisted in counseling and treatment.

Eleven health workers, including five doctors and more than 15 volunteers, assisted in successfully running the child health camp. The camp was inaugurated in the presence of Gadhwa Rural Municipality chairman Sahajaram Yadav and health chief Kailash Chandra Chaudhary.

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