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Training in Goat Farming Contributes to Independence

Mrs. Jumuna Devi Acharya is an active entrepreneur in the Mothers' Groups of Deukhuri Dang. Her success in agriculture and entrepreneurship has made her a role model in her community. She received a bicycle as a token of appreciation this year. However, Mrs Acharya faced many challenges on her way to success. Despite the obstacles, she is now dedicated to improving her family's financial situation and sharing her knowledge with others who aspire to pursue agriculture and entrepreneurship. Her ultimate goal is to inspire and empower others to follow in her footsteps and succeed, making her family proud.

Prior to 2016, it was a challenge for her to support her family of six on a low income. Her husband attempted to manage their goat farm but struggled to run it effectively. Despite their efforts, work, and dedication, they did not achieve the success they had hoped for.

Thanks to the valuable knowledge and skills she acquired from attending a 7-day modern goat farming training organized by Creating Possibilities Nepal, she successfully started and ran a goat farming business. With the confidence she gained from the training, she took a loan of RS. 15000 from the Unako cooperative to purchase two more goats, adding to her existing 5 goats. Her business has grown significantly since then, with a transaction history of RS. 150,000 with Unako cooperative and generating nearly RS. 100,000 in annual transactions. In addition, she has also leased a 2700 sq.m plot of land where she grows crops and vegetables.

There is a significant difference between her life before and after 2016. In the past, she struggled to take care of her children and couldn't provide for their basic needs. However, now she can send her children to an English school. Her two sons are currently studying at an intermediate level, while her younger son attends grade six. She feels immense gratitude towards us and their team for providing a platform that has positively impacted her family. She is now an independent woman. She has been able to start her own business and is now financially stable. She is proud of the success she has achieved and looks forward to a better future for her family.

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