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“Why to be limited in field and cooking hall, Let's all play football."

Women’s Football-2022

Creating Possibilities Nepal (CP Nepal) and Stitching Mahamata, the Netherlands, have been organizing women's football competitions every year to entertain, motivate and enhance the inner strength of marginalized women.

There is always work for homemakers…they could get rest only when somebody dies or on village ceremony like marriage; otherwise, there are piles of work every day. This year the slogan was, “Why to be limited in field and cooking hall, let's all play football." The women played football where they had fun and competed for the trophy.

This sports event has boosted women's confidence and self-esteem, where gender discrimination and social exclusion of women still exist. The program was attended by women of the age group from 20 to 52 years old.

One hundred and twenty-eight women from various self-help groups of Gadhwa, Rajpur and Rapti villages actively participated in this sports event.

These women were so happy. They were always busy with house chores.

Most of them were ex-bonded enslaved people. Playing a sport, football, they never could imagine about this. Second, playing sports after marriage is a rare occurrence in rural areas. This incident has boosted women's confidence and self-esteem.

Gadhwa-7, Bhojpur resident Mrs. Prameshwari Chaudharyis participated from Samjhana Mothers' group now has turned 51 years old. She is a grandmother. She appeared on the field in a football jersey to play football with other mother members. She was excited to play the game for 1st time in her life. The women players said, “ they were always busy with work. They added that it was fun to run with football on the field. There is no age limit to play”, they said.

Rita Chaudhary of 32 years, from Gurans Mothers' Group, had a similar experience. She said that running on the field with others is fun. This game booted confidence. She told," The biggest thing was that all the pain and suffering has been forgotten while playing.”

Shanta Subedi, 21, of Gadhwa-7, Santipur came with her one-year-old son in her arms. "This game proves that married women can do something if given the opportunity. This game has increased our confidence."

CP Nepal mother group coordinator Sarita Chaudhary said that married women in a male-dominated society should prioritize such activities because such games would change society's thinking. According to the organizers, 128 women members from 46 mothers' groups participated in this football tournament which covers Gadhwa, Rapti and Rajpur villages of Dang district.

Most of these players are former Kamlahari (slavery system) women (ex-slave) who participated in the women's football tournament. All the women who par

ticipated in the competition were given prizes for encouragement and respect. CP Nepal Student Coordinator Deepa Chaudhary, CA Chairperson and Gadhwa Village Municipality Chairperson Sahajaram Ahir were the chief guests at the closing ceremony. Hemraj Sharma facilitated this tournament.

All the women players ask us to convey their sincere gratitude and thanks to the donor-Stitching Mahamata for the continual support for this tournament.


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